Roller Girl

My first foray into sportswear, inspired by the speed and agility of roller derby racers. The fluid shapes created by movement of the players around the track led me to work directly on the stand with unusual materials like foam sheeting.

The garments that roller girls themselves wear - the skates and the protective pads - gave me alternative methods of construction such as bolts and screws that evolved into a jacket entirely constructed with rivets.

A sporty team identity is visually represented by bright colours and symbols, particularly stars and stripes, which identify players on the track.

These pieces, particularly the undulating jacket, teeters between sculpture and garment, but is in fact fully wearable and responds to the movement of the body as the wearer walks.

A dramatic statement for a niche, overlooked sport that is often seen as just a "girls' game".


Skills: draping, experimental pattern cutting, experimental construction, sublimation printing, heat-press vinyl printing, illustration.