Paper Moon

“You say it’s only a paper moon, 
sailing over a cardboard sea. 
But it wouldn’t be make-believe 
if you believed in me”

— Ella Fitzgerald

Initially inspired by the set design and staging of the early 20th century short film, “Voyage de La Lune”, and the following phenomena of paper moon portrait photography, I gathered research on the theatrical flair of old Hollywood films to capture an innocent sense of fantasy and the dreams of grandeur that they inspired.

From the hypnotic, geometric chorus-girl choreography of Busby Berkeley in 1940s Broadway-style musicals, I developed a range of surface decoration and embellishment techniques, and images of vintage theatre props led me to experiment with creating swooping, spiralling shapes.

I draped on the stand to create defined and dramatic, yet still elegant and calm silhouettes. I also investigated lingerie and night garments from the era of the golden age of Hollywood, taking individual details, enlarging and outlining them, to exaggerate and enhance the femininity they symbolise, in order to create decorative focal points.

Having considered the Surrealist technique of automatic drawing, I continued to design by drawing in a naive and childlike style, playing and doodling, drawing with fabric to create a collection full of whimsy and illustrative charm.


Skills: draping, experimental pattern cutting, experimental garment construction, hand embroidery, illustration.