Upon graduation in 2018, Mekala established her namesake independent luxury fashion brand “Manimekala” for those who dream of the future. Eclectic printed and colourful designs combine different experimental textiles and processes within wearable silhouettes. Manimekala pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Brooke Candy and Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, and featured in publications such as Garage Magazine. In its first season, Manimekala was chosen to be stocked at the new Showcase: Next Big Thing concept store on Regents Street, central London, UK.

Manimekala the brand is a true representation of its founder's spirit. Manimekala is committed to ethical responsibility, sustainability and transparency in our production methods. All products are designed, printed and hand-made in the UK, with a “zero waste” approach.

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Skills: garment + accessory design/development, sourcing, liaising with suppliers/manufacturers, sampling, PR/marketing, sales, micro-production.