All That Glitters May Well Be Gold

A project revolving around the theme of “worship” and investigating people’s belief in a higher meaning. I explored the idea of worship in the modern world to produce wearable garments that encapsulate the phrase “your body is a temple”.

It's a certain characteristic of modern life that as fewer people are actively religious, many express superstition and idolisation in other ways. Iconography and shrines are still prevalent - not necessarily in a traditional manner - but in the form of tributes and devotion to inspirational figures, loaded with personal significance.

As I am from a multicultural and international background, I have grown up surrounded by Hindu paraphernalia and Christian customs, which have always fascinated me. I am intrigued by how traditional religious iconography is today appropriated into mass-manufactured, kitsch decorations, which many consider tacky. Inspired by Grayson Perry, an artist whose work is based on societal notions of good and bad taste, I mixed traditional imagery with a more “lowbrow” aesthetic.


Skills: draping, experimental pattern cutting, illustration, screen-print, digital print, hand-embroidery, sculpture, installation, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.